What is Screen Printing?

I'm working on making a page about my process here!

Recommended care guidelines for fabric?

Fabric has not been pre-washed. It is recommended that you wash before use. To clean, use a gentle wash with cold water and hang to dry. Cotton fabric may shrink if washed in warm or hot water and/or put in a dryer with heat. For the best ink vibrancy and saturation over time, please follow suggested care instructions.

What are the fabric sizing details?

Due to my current handmade process, screen printed fabric is sold in 'panels' and not traditional yardage. This size is currently limited by studio space. I have plans to make these larger as I grow in the future.

  • Full - 16 inches tall by 40 inches wide
  • Half - 16 inches tall by 20 inches wide
  • Quarter - 16 inches tall by 10 inches wide

What are Special Edition fabrics?

Because I personally hand print fabrics, I occasionally play with and test out different fabric and ink colors. (Like this ombre print!) These Special Edition fabrics won’t have a permanent home in the shop, so they’ll either be a one off item or an occasionally recurring print. There is a chance a special edition fabric color combination will never be printed again.

Color combos not listed as Special Edition are reoccurring colors and will be re-printed as I sell out of inventory. These colors may be changed or swapped out over time, but I will notify in listings and social media of color changes.

Can I sell items made with Fireside Textiles fabric?

You are welcome to use my fabric in both personal and commercial projects. Fabric can not be passed off as your own. Artwork copyright is retained by Fireside Textiles and my artwork/designs may not be replicated or reproduced in any way. Credit back to my site, while not required, is appreciated.

Will you make larger sizes?

There are plans to expand and adjust the sizing in the future. There is currently no timeline set for this as it's dependent on my current - borrowed - workshop space. Sizing changes will be announced through the email newsletter and social media accounts.

Will you do custom or personalized patterns, items, or orders?

Custom and personalized designs and orders are not available at this time. Suggestions for color combos, fabric styles, themes, or items you'd like to see are welcome. Feel free to shoot me suggestions via email or social media.

Info about Orders /  Processing Times / Shipping / Returns / Etc?

Check out my shop policies page!

Not in the FAQs or Shop Policies page just yet?

Email me -> Contact [at] FiresideTextiles.com