Modern Witch Fabric
Modern Witch Fabric
Modern Witch Fabric

Modern Witch Fabric

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Part of the Witch and Witchcraft Series, the Modern Witch pattern features a repeating design of witchy objects including: cauldron, spell book, planchette, skeleton key, death's head moth, candle, broom, feather, cat familiar's paw prints, and stone runes.

Collection Colors

  • Green: Blue/Green ink on Kona Cypress green fabric
  • Black: Blue/Green ink on Kona Black fabric
  • Gold: Metallic Gold on Kona Black fabric


Due to my current handmade process, this item is sold in 'panels' and not traditional yardage. Panel sizes are listed below:

  • Full: 16 inches tall by 40 inches wide
  • Half: 16 inches tall by 20 inches wide
  • Quarter: 16 inches tall by 10 inches wide